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Is it possible to have a culturally "diverse" and politically correct language of modern communication...a form of much talk without meaning (meaning being used in the conventional sense), but rather with a clear intent to confuse, bewilder, and manipulate the masses?  I believe that one language I call "Liberalese" has been discovered, and is the most powerful weapon that can be used to control entire populaces.
Liberalese: The double-speak language of the liberal minded which often assigns opposite meanings to flowery words to make the appearance of doing one thing while, at the same time, the opposite is pursued.  (An example of liberalese would be to say "I am pro choice" while at the same time, condemning anyone that "chooses" to be "pro life"...thus proving that "choice" does not really mean "choice" otherwise the choice NOT to agree with being "pro choice" would be accepted by "pro choice" advocates.)
Liberalese is the most abusive form of manipulation and population control in the english language, and due the the double meanings and double think used, this abuse is very difficult to challenge.  Never fear...the cure for liberalese is an individually observant and thoughtful mind.  Unfortunately, the goals of liberalese include the eventual abololition of individual thinking, and the complete installation of "groupthink" into a society.  Societal evolution always trends towards the "group", but I do not think individual thought is a futile effort.  For those who think that "group think" does not already exist, imagine standing up in a public office in the United States or in a large business and shouting out your Personal ideas about things....just imagine if you HINT at a racial belief, the idea that you may own a gun (OH NO!), the idea that you may have some shreds of you really think that would be accepted in this "FREE" society in which a person is allowed "free speech"?  Notice that free speech is not that....when liberalese is the language....

An excellent example of Liberalese in action is ABC and CBS news....hehe....